Interchange Car

I joined the ’08 interchange on the Railroad-Line forum so I had to tackle weathering rolling stock. I chose two victims, an LCL boxcar from the B&O and a Pennsey coal hopper. The LCL boxcar didn’t come out great. I may post photos later. The dullcote base had some blotches so the weathering also has blotches. The coal car came out better. I had a hard time making the inside of it look dirty as opposed to painted though. It’s ok though and I’ll be sending it along tomorrow.

The Twin Mills – Dumb move.

I just spilled a bottle of floquil grimy black over about a quarter of my castings.
On the plus side they weren’t the best ones and I reacted quickly enough to get some of it off. But those are going to be darker than I planned and some of the details will have to be repainted. The victims are on the right and bottom of this photo.

The Twin Mills: The Castings

Painting the castings is going a lot faster than I thought it would. The single oil drums are done and this large group is about three quarters done. Then I need to do some of the tiny ones and some of the machinery that’s still left, such as the donkey engine and the boiler.

The Roundhouse

I built this last weekend, it’s straight out of the box and hasn’t even been weathered yet. I’ll add the roof parts later after I add some lights and interior detail. I can’t install the turntable until I know just where the roundhouse is going so I got this kit and put it together in one sitting. Definitely needs some dirt! The plastic kits sure go together faster than the craftsman ones but of course the quality is nothing like a craftsman kit. It’ll be fine once I get it weathered and detailed though. It has to be since a craftsman roundhouse is way out of my budget. Maybe I’ll scratch build one some day.

The Twin Mills – The Castings

The next step in building the Twin Mills is the castings. I got started with those last night. I’ve put down the base coat on all the ‘wooden’ castings, benches, crates etc.

The Twin Mills – Rolls and Saw

The Live and Dead Rolls:

I noticed one piece slightly out of place after I took this photo and have since fixed it:

The Main Saw:

Note that the tiny casting over the center of the blade is missing on the lower blade. When I was putting it on it jumped out of the tweezer, bounced off my forehead (really, no joke) and ended up who knows where. I’ll be touch to beg for a replacement Brett.

The Twin Mills – The Log Carriage

From 1/5/08

I got the Log Carriage built as far as I can. The next step involves adding the log and I haven’t got anything to use for the logs yet. Not to mention once I do find a log I have to find a way to cut it in half along the length.

The Twin Mills – Beginning the Machinery

From 1/4/08:

I finished the log deck this morning. Getting all the castings in is fussy work but worth the effort. I had better luck with the Blacken-It this time. – I noticed after I posted this that I forgot the NBW and the operator’s lever. Guess I have a few more minutes work on this part.

You can see these castings look better than the last ones I did.

I put it in place and took a few photos to show how the complex is fitting in to my layout. As you can see it takes up nearly the entire end of the 5 foot wide peninsula.

The Twin Mills

Once again I’m updating by reposting my Railroad-Line posts:

From 12/21/07 – After a two month break while I concentrated on getting trains running on my layout I’m back to the Mills. I got the boathouse put together. Just need to do the roof and the dock for it and add some more weathering. I notice in the last picture that front corner looks like it has a gap, it doesn’t look like that in person.

12/24/07 – I built the sawdust conveyor over the weekend:

From 12/26/07 -Here’s the slab bin:

It still amazes me a little that I start with a pile of sticks and end up with a nice little structure like this. This kit is giving me a huge amount of confidence about things I might be able to do in the future as far as scratch building.

From 12/30/07 – In the last couple of days I finished the log brow, the tool shed and the donkey shed. The sheds were a nice change as they are tiny compared to most of the other assemblies! The tool shed roof goes on later, after the details are inside and the donkey shed roof gets tarpaper later on in the process as well.

I took the photo of the donkey shed right after I added the last piece and before touching it up with AI. Word of warning if you’re building this. This structure is very wobbly until you get that last corner brace in, there just isn’t much to hold it together.

I got a good start on the sorting platform but I ran out of the decking material. Brett is sending some more right out. No matter what the reason for running out Brett would of course take care of it. He’s saying that he must have packed too little in the kit but given how meticulous the rest of this kit is I’m assuming I just botched it somehow. In any case I’m going to move on to the transfer table while I wait.

From 12/31/07 -The structural work is mostly complete and I’ve moved on to the machinery. Today I built the log haul. I just need to add some castings to it tomorrow:

After building this and the sawdust conveyor I’ve got a lot more confidence about the trestle I’m going to be building in the future. This kit is like a university education in the process of structure building.

More Track

I got quite a bit more track laid this week and a lot of turnouts. I’ve been running a locomotive over each new section of track as I add it and it’s been a help. I’ve had two shorts but they were easy to find since I tested each new section before I moved on to the next one. In both cases they were where I’d failed to cut the copper foil on a turnout so not hard to fix.
Today I finished the day by replacing all the foam I cut out to make room for the Twin Mills so that I’ll be able to continue laying track around the mill next weekend (bit not until I clean up, the clutter is driving me crazy.) It’s really great to see a locomotive moving around the layout. And I got far enough that I had to put in a new connector for the DCC throttle. I got too far from the first one for it to reach!

The bridge and track right in front of it are just tacked in place.